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I'm Abby Vernon

I'm Abby Vernon, a San Diego native. I currently live in San Diego with my husband, daughter, 2 furry friends and one bearded dragon. My bacground is in psychology, Yoga, Leadership, and Somatic Experiencing. Getting sober 12+ years ago, meeting my husband, and becoming a mother massively shaped my values and my desire to show up to life as a leader of leaders.

My top accomplishments include staying sober for over 12 years, starting my own business, and creating the transformative Y.E.S. Program. As a coach, I bring expertise, simplicity, and compassionate space holding. I aim to transform stressed nervous systems, deepen trauma understanding, and teach early regulation skills. I've created the Y.E.S. Program, Regulation 101, and a short ebook on self-agency. My core skills are space holding, curiosity, and providing perspective. For fun, I love dance parties, solo adventures, and exploring new places. I cherish sunshine, beach waves, coffee, cats, family, and good conversations. My influences include my great grandmother, Abigail, and my Somatic Experiencing teacher, Dr. Abi Blakeslee. I believe in empathy, positive change, and the wisdom of the body..

"I just felt so much safety from the first moment I met with Abby, it is amazing how much healing is available when you connect with regulated and trauma trained people."

-Ā Lucy

"This is POWERFUL work. I am more confident, more grounded and actually looking forward to the future in a way I couldn't before."

-Ā Sarah

"I am in such a better place now with so much thanks to Abby. Her facilitation is full of love, and her presence is such a positive, grounding light for the most turbulent times."

-Ā Elissa

Why I Do It

My daughter, a boundless source of joy and curiosity, reminds me daily to relish the present, finding beauty in life's simplest moments. Alongside her, my husband stands as my unwavering pillar of support, championing my aspirations and propelling me to new heights. With him, I've come to understand the profound strength of shared dreams and unwavering companionship.

The presence of our cherished furry friends further enriches this tapestry, reminding me of the unspoken connections that bind us to the natural world.

My journey as a coach is imbued with a passion to serve, to facilitate transformative growth in others. The ability to delve deep into the lives of my clients, guiding them through their unique challenges, is a privilege I hold with the utmost reverence.Ā  I am steadfast in my commitment to embracing every facet of myself that emergesā€”acknowledging that each facet, each emotion, is a brushstroke forming the masterpiece of who I am.

My journey is a fusion of these elementsā€”an odyssey marked by growth, connection, and an unwavering dedication to the beauty woven into every instant.

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