Empowerment through Embodiment.

Do the Inner Work. Create the Outer Results.

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Discover groundbreaking tools and frameworks for deep and lasting personal transformation.


Yoga and meditation are the practices of uniting breath and body to bring you into the present moment. I teach practical yogic, meditation + somatic tools for you to live the life you desire – now.


Somatic experiencing is form of body-based therapy that relieves excess + long-held tension in your physiology. Learn how to feel more present and at home within yourself.


These are the 3 pillars to wholeness. Without one, the others cannot stand in their power. I help you focus on all three to master your vibrational sovereignty.

About Me

I coach and support stressed out high performers in transforming their lives from living on the surface to living fully expressed and on purpose.

In my 10+ years of experience as a teacher, facilitator, guide and coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women who felt lost, overwhelmed or like there was just something *more* for them, find their way back to themselves.

My mission is to help you break the cycle of stuckness by digging deep into the work that will ultimately set you free and bring you to a place of embodying your essential self no matter the situation, experience or season of life you find yourself in.

About You

You have a big mission in the world, you do so much for everyone else and are able to hold space for others in a massive way. Your time is valuable and rare, you have a full plate of responsibilities and sometimes feel like the pressure is too much, life is passing you by amidst the ever-mounting “to-do list” and you desperately want to feel more engaged, more alive, more present. You want to show up more powerfully for yourself and truly enjoy life, but you don’t know how to break the vicious cycle you’re in.

As your coach and confidante, we work together to create a deep, felt sense shift at the most foundational level of your nervous system and build your capacity so you can operate from your wellspring of energy and aliveness. Gone are the days of waking up filled with dread at what may or may not be the final straw. It’s time to step into the life you were meant for, on every level.

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