If you are ready and willing to go deep, then Abby is the coach for you. She is an amazing container.

The safety that she brings with her compassionate witnessing and light emanating out of her was critical for my expansion. I really felt so supported throughout this whole process.

Abby will help you untangle that mess of trauma, so you can become more resilient, embodied, and alive to the present moment.

Kaylin B.

Abby is a one of kind soul. If you need someone to support you and hold space for you while you face your wounds, she is your gal. Not only does she do an amazing job holding that space for you emotionally, she provides you tools to add to your self care toolbox.

She makes the whole experience personal to your needs and gives you so much extra value (journal prompts, suggestions etc) for you to dive into in between sessions 

Kathryn E.

Wonderful, hopeful, loving. Abby TRULY gives a fuck and showed up to hold the sacred container for online group healing for the entire duration. 

Abby gives her ALL throughout the entire program + was/is VERY responsive in Voxer/FB Group/Email. She is there with you in the healing process + genuinely is rooting for your growth. She walks the walk that she talks and was truly a breath of fresh air. Cannot recommend Abby + her program enough!

Teresa R.P.

Abby is truly a leader, educator, and one o the funniest humans I've ever met. She's the real deal, she walks her talk, embodies what she teaches and anyone who lands in a program with her is going to be gifted the experience of a lifetime - no joke.

Katie B.

Abby is a life-changer-for-the-better soul being! I am so grateful for all I learned and experienced with her!

Wendy A.

This experience has without a doubt changed my life for the better. Your wisdom, kindness, support and endless love had a profound impact on me. Thank you for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and doing it in a way where I never once felt alone.

Megan W.

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