"If you are ready and willing to go deep, then Abby is the coach for you. She is an amazing container.

The safety that she brings with her compassionate witnessing and light emanating out of her was critical for my expansion. I really felt so supported throughout this whole process.

Abby will help you untangle that mess of trauma, so you can become more resilient, embodied, and alive to the present moment."

Kaylin B.

"Abby is a one of kind soul. If you need someone to support you and hold space for you while you face your wounds, she is your gal.

Not only does she do an amazing job holding that space for you emotionally, she provides you tools to add to your self care toolbox.

She makes the whole experience personal to your needs and gives you so much extra value (journal prompts, suggestions etc) for you to dive into in between 1:1 sessions."

Kathryn E.

"I was obsessed with trying to resolve my issues- bouncing with one therapist to another. Until I started 1:1 sessions with Abby, I was not able to stop the rumination and external reactions with all my triggers. Abby's coaching allowed me to express myself in a safe place, and process my feelings and learn how to feel them. Her sessions included notes that I can refer to with tools to help with triggers. I would recommend Abby to anyone that is serious about doing the real work to overcome your past and learn how to live in the present."

Bonita L. 

"I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Abby and her Y.E.S. Program. I came into this program with natural uncertainties, simply wondering about the format, the “non-negotiables” (spoiler alert - there are none), the energy of the group and more. and I quickly realized that Abby’s peaceful, supportive and reassuring presence along with the structure of the YES program would allow me to feel completely “on-time,” “okay” and safe all throughout. I learned new language and new perspectives, and felt the empowerment of understanding myself and my healing journey better. I felt seen, understood, supported and validated by the sense of connection within our intimate group and even as a introvert the sense of community made the experience that much richer. I have returned to the materials from the program many times after the program officially ended, and I plan to lean on these as lifelong tools to help me navigate life in a brand new way. Grateful is an understatement!"

Erin W.

"Doing the Y.E.S. program was such a pivotal experience for me that I would do it again & again and without reservation I recommend it to anyone who feels called to it. Abby brings depth and breath of experience in somatic experiencing, real lived experience, humor, patience and curiosity that blend to make her a joy as a guide. Abby's way invites a feeling of ease, care and a realization that we're already so deeply resourced. I always felt I could bring all of me to her space, truly refreshing and nourishing. Throughout the Y.E.S program we learned concepts with our brains, but even more importantly we dropped into our bodies to experience our own uniqueness of those concepts and integrate them. Months later I find that I use parts of the program every single day. I have felt - and been told by loved ones - that I am much calmer and grounded. I know why - Y.E.S. & Abby led me to more intentionally tap my well of resources to navigate my nervous system, my emotions and my life in a completely different way. I am so grateful I stepped into this program and gave it my best."

Kate B.

"The Y.E.S. program was awesomely enlightening and empowering. My favorite part has been the understanding of myself in such a way that I never have before. Even after a lifetime of therapy, medications and self medicating, understanding and learning about trauma and its impacts has been life altering. My biggest insight has been that I have much more power and control over my life than I thought I did. It lives within me. Prior to this program, I didn’t understand my reactions to things, whether external or internal. I tried for so long to avoid having any reactions at all in hope of staying small, unnoticed and unseen. This program has helped me to begin the work of uncovering and dislodging this sort of damaging thought process and has kicked off a lifelong adventure for me on learning what being a human truly means. So grateful for your hysterical posts that shined a light for me on this subject. Truly life altering and God sent. Thank you!"

Alisa H.

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