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Learning how to come back to your body in a way that feels safe to help bring you into the present moment. Practical somatic tools for you to release the past and live the life you desire – now.


Somatic experiencing is form of body-based therapy that relieves excess + long-held tension and stress in your physiology. Learn how to feel more comfortable, empowered and at home within yourself, no matter your environment.


The four integral components of reclaiming your power. We focus on accessing and aligning all four facets so you  can return to, and live from, 

Your Essential Self.

14 weeks to Discover Your Essential Self through Nervous System Alignment and Self-Leadership. 

Uncover and uproot what's been holding you back, learn to feel more at ease and powerful in your physiology on a consistent basis, develop flexibility in your nervous system and create a foundation to build and sustain long-lasting change.

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