14 Weeks to Discover Your Essential Self through Trauma Resolution, Nervous System Alignment and Self-Leadership

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Uncover and uproot what's been holding you back, learn to feel more at ease and powerful in your physiology on a consistent basis, develop flexibility in your nervous system, and create a foundation to build and sustain long-lasting change.

The Y.E.S. Group Coaching Program - Details + What's Included

If you're struggling with constant self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, lacking energy and the ability to be consistent, and just want to be able to feel better in your body and enjoy life (yes, even in a pandemic) without constant worry, the Y.E.S program is for you!

Join us for a 14-week group coaching experience where you'll learn everything you need to release old habituated patterns, break harmful cycles and create openness and flexibility in your nervous system to feel at ease in your life and be able to consciously navigate whatever 2022 may have in store! Learn how to uncover, discover and return to Your Essential Self - the grounded, centered and purposeful version of you that's been patiently waiting all along.

  • 14 - 120 minute group coaching calls every week (calls will be recorded and it's highly recommended you make it live).
  • 2 - *optional* 90-minute individual private coaching calls to deep dive into specific tools, progress tracking and Somatic Experiencing sessions 
  • Private Facebook Group for a container to explore and share your experiences, insights and wins with your Y.E.S Community
  • Worksheets, journal prompts, personal assignments and somatic exercises each week for integration, practice and reflection.
  • An intentional collective of like-minded individuals on this path towards nervous system regulation, healing and self-leadership to become the best leaders we can be in a world that needs us the most right now.
  • A trauma-trained somatic coach with an extensive background in (and passion for) teaching, embodiment work, and leading trainings and group experiences for nearly 10 years.

Outline of the Program and Weekly Modules

We'll use my proven framework, the L.E.A.D. method, to help move you through the steps needed to access your current range of resilience, build a strong foundation of support and then slowly and methodically work through the nervous system patterns that have been unconsciously holding you back so you come home to Your Essential Self.

We'll spend time uncovering and unwinding subconscious grooves, evaluating with compassionate clarity, practicing conscious and embodied communication skills for your unique needs, desires and circumstances and develop resilience and prosilience so you feel grounded, empowered and embodied for what this year may have in store, no matter what that may entail.

  • Weeks 1-3: Leverage Your Power - Establish Where You are and Where You Want to Be. Learn about your Nervous System. Acknowledge the resources you have and begin to build your container for growth, capacity and expansion.
  • Weeks 4-6: Evaluate with Clarity - What's Working, What's Not Working - eliminate distractions + habits that are holding you back. Learn self-leadership skills that will benefit you for a lifetime.
  • Week 7-9: Ask + Receive - Communication. Learn the important physiological components of embodied conscious communication, what to say, how to say, when to say it (and when not to - embodied listening is a key aspect here).
  • Weeks 10-12: Develop Resilience - Practices designed for YOU. Develop your own personalized practices that will help keep you resourced, regulated, relaxed yet aware in any circumstance for sustainable. long-term results. Experience the value and importance of integration and assimilation for wholeness.
  • Weeks 13 + 14: Integration and Celebration 

What Others Are Saying About Working with Abby

"Abby's the real deal"

Abby is truly a leader, educator, and one of the funniest humans I have ever met. She’s the real deal, she walks her talk, embodies the teachings and anyone who lands in a program with her is going to be gifted the experience of a lifetime – no joke.

Katie B.

"I never once felt alone"

This experience has without a doubt changed my life for the better. Abby's wisdom, kindness, support and endless love had a profound impact on me. Thank you for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and doing it in a way where I never once felt alone.

Megan W.

"Best experience of my life!"

Best experience of my LIFE, no joke! I was so nervous going into it, but because of Abby all my anxieties were quickly swept away!

Dylan M.

"Abby is a life-changer"

Abby is a life-changer-for-the-better soul being! I am so grateful for all I learned and experienced with her!

Wendy A.

Hi there! I'm Abby

Trauma-trained Somatic Coach and Creator of the Y.E.S Program

“I know there’s more to life than this!”
That was my cry 12+ years ago when I finally hit my rockiest of rock bottoms and took a giant leap of faith into a brand new life. Thank god, my yoga mat and a supportive community was there to catch me. And from that foundation, I’ve been able to build a life that is SO much more than “this”.

What is “this”?
A four letter word – “This” is what keeps you stuck – in a dead end job, with a deadbeat partner, settling for less, wishing for more, feeling overwhelmed and undernourished, burnt out, stressed, impatient and consistently feeling like you’re living on the surface of life – floating along, but knowing there is more. And, spoiler alert, there is SO much more!

How Somatic Experiencing can help:
Somatic Experiencing is a form of body-based therapy that helps relieve tension and trauma patterns in your physiology (as humans, we all hold disempowering patterns at different points in our lives). “Body-based” means we work with the body in alignment with the mind to help get underneath the pattern and relieve tension while building resiliency and competency for the long term.

A coach in your corner:
I've learned, in the past year especially, how valuable and integral it is to have a guide (and compassionate witness) on this path. Someone to offer a listening ear, support and feedback, knowledgeable expertise, practices and techniques that suit you best, and all the insider tips and tricks to help you quantum leap your growth and progress.
Somatic Experiencing has without a doubt, changed my life, but what I love most is sharing this modality and these practices with those who desire to learn more and who would benefit from them the most.

Are you ready to get started?

It's time to say YES to you! There is an unprecedented opportunity in front of you right now and all you have to do is take one step forward to claim it.

This is an intimate, hands-on program. To respect the nature of the container, spots are limited. There is no better time than now to step into the most embodied and empowered version of you! 

I'm ready to apply!

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